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The industrial layout of Hangzhou Bay New Area focused on IT manufacturing

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The industrial layout of Hangzhou Bay New Area focused on IT manufacturing


The staff of ChipEx is conducting high-precision inspection.

Semi-floating gate project which has the world-class innovation in the field of integrated circuits officially settled in Hangzhou Bay New Area recently. Ningbo Guoxin Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd was newly established, mainly engaged in mobile intelligent terminals and smart home appliances for high-speed low-power chip design and selling, expected to sell 4 million of image sensor chip, 1 million of mobile storage chip, and the output value of more than 60 million during 3 years.

The "Semi-floating gate transistor" was published on the world's top science in the August 9, 2013 by Wei ZHANG and Qingqing SUN’s team from Fudan University which was the Chinese microelectronics industry published in Science. In addition, the result was selected in 2013 China's top ten major technological progresses, and accessed "Golden Kangaroo World Innovation Award" issued by the World Innovation Forum in 2013.

Qingqing SUN the Entrepreneurial team leader and general manager of Ningbo Guoxin Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Introduced that the company will design and sell high-speed low-power image sensing chips and mobile memory chips for mobile intelligent terminals and smart home appliances with "semi-floating gate transistors" as the core technology. At present, the entrepreneurial team has applied more than 30 patents from Domestic and foreign using the semi-floating gate transistor.

The insiders pointed out that semi-floating gate transistor is a new type of microelectronic device, which has high performance and cost advantages in high-speed, low-power image sensing and mobile memory applications and can reduce cost by 30% while improve 5 to 10 times of reading speed and 20 times reduction in power consumption. And this technology is independently researched and developed by ourselves and has a completely intellectual property rights of the chip, broke the existing similar products entirely by foreign, had a milestone significance in the field of integrated circuits.

If "Guoxin" is the kind of hope just sowed, then "ChipEx" has been successful which was set up in the new area 1 year ago. In the last January, "ChipEx" incorporated in the Hangzhou Bay New Area and its main business are advanced semiconductor chip packaging and related services, the technical team come from the Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute.

ChipEx has invested nearly 100 million and completed all the infrastructure construction and equipment installation and commissioning and began to trial production just over a year. “This rate of progress is unique in the industry” said by Guoqing YU the company general manager. Mr YU was born in Zhou Xiang, removed to a number of cities at home and abroad as a senior "migrant workers", but now he has became the second of company's shareholders in the form of technology shares.

“Cutting before packaged turn to be package first and then cut which seemingly a small change, but the efficiency has increased several hundred times or even thousands of times, made the entire industry from the original labor-intensive upgrade to technology-intensive. This kind of package of chips was in line with the development needs of the market because of the light, small, short, thin limit and cost-effective” said by manager YU.

Carrying with the dream, ChipEx did not disappointing. It has produced "Butterfly Effect" in the industry although the company is still in the product testing phase. More than 20 companies have sent orders, and a number of chip design companies following up at the initially of company established.

The technological breakthroughs of packaging, will attract upstream and downstream enterprises following up, thus forming a complete new industry chain” said by manager YU. The company plans to achieve 15 patents this year and achieve the output value of 300 to 400 millions, and strive to become the leading domestic packaging and testing enterprises in 5 years.

" Electrical and electronic " in the leading industrial system of "2 + 3 + 1" in Hangzhou Bay New Area will usher in development opportunity in the face of huge market potential of IT manufacturing industry. New Economic Development Bureau official said that will pay special attention to this industry which with high-tech content, high value-added IT manufacturing industry at the same time of two projects in the construction of the current production, the new investment in the capital will become a new industry.




Add:No.18 Zhongheng Road,Huaxing District,Andong Industrial Park,Hang Zhou Bay New Zone,Ningbo