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◆ChipEx was rated as "Local and Abroad High-level business innovation team at Ningbo, Hangzhou Bay New Zoon" by Ningbo, Hangzhou New Area Management Committee in the early of the company projects introduced.

◆Wafer-level advanced packaging company's innovative projects filled the Ningbo integrated circuit wafer-level advanced packaging and testing industry blank in 2013, and was selected as the "Intelligence project" by Ningbo municipal leaders.

◆ChipEx achieved better results in technological transformation and won the “Special Award for Technological Transformation” in Hangzhou Bay New Zoon in 2014.

◆The R&D team was committed to product development and technological innovation, and made a large contribution for the development of Ningbo integrated circuit industry, and also been rated as "District-level Engineering Center" and "Hangzhou Bay New Area Innovation Team" by Ningbo Bay Area in 2014.

◆As a result of the company's wafer-level advanced packaging and testing projects belonging to one of the country's six new industries, with the development of the project, ChipEx was rated "Ningbo strategic emerging industries" in 2015.

◆From the start-up to now, ChipEx constantly research new technologies, develop new markets and occupy new areas of products, been rated as “Major Science and Technology Project of Ningbo City” by Ningbo government in 2015.

◆With excellent service and high-quality products ChipEx was rated as "the best partner" by Foxconn Group Tianyu Technology Co., Ltd; at the same time been rated as "the best supplier" by Chiphomer Technology Limited in 2015.